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Five Chief factors affect print effect of UV flatbed printer
When your UV Flat bed printer has a bad print effect , do you know how to check where is the problem? Except problems of machine, there are also many other factors will affect the print effect. Let me show you other factors!
  1. Operating skills
Use UV flatbed printer is one of the factors directly affect the printing, so the operator must accept more professional training, which can help to print  high-quality products. When consumers make purchases UV flatbed printer, they can require manufacturers to provide technical training and guidance.
  2. Coating process
Some materials need special coating, like metal, glass, ceramic .  The coating process is very important,  first point must be uniform, uniform coating will color evenly; Second, we must choose the right coating, cannot be mixed.
 3. UV ink
UV flatbed printer requires special ink, general manufacturers are supporting the sale. UV ink quality will directly affect the print effect, different types of machines needs different ink. So suggest customer buy ink directly from manufacturer.
  4.  Print material
Operator should know very well about the print material. Because UV ink will has chemical reaction with some materials.
5. Resolution of picture
Resolution of picture is also very important, if the resolution is low, then how can we have a good print effect.