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Solvent Inkjet Printer or UV Inkjet Printer? Comparison of Benefits

Ink cups Now offers two lines of inkjet printers: UV inkjet printers and solvent inkjet printers. The line of UV inkjets includes XJET UV LED inkjet expressly designed for industrial printing. The line of solvent inkjets includes EdiJet edible inkjet printer.

For multicolor and tight registration printing on flat and non-uniform items, inkjet printers are proving to be a great alternative to pad printing or screen printing. But which type of inkjet printer is right for your business? - Here is a comparison of benefits of these types of inkjet printers to help you decide:

Solvent Inkjet Printers

UV Inkjet Printers



Significantly higher printing speeds


More maintenance is required. Solvent inks tend to clog print heads - periodic flushing of the inks through ink lines is a must.

Less maintenance is required.

Solvent inkjet printers can handle 8-hour production day.

UV inkjet printers allow for 24-hour production day and can be used as industrial inkjet printers.


Significantly less expensive



Don't have white ink. As a result, solvent inkjet printers print only on white or light-colored objects. On darker-colored objects, only black or very dark colors may reproduce correctly.

Able to print white. UV inkjet printers produce true-color images on objects of any color. (To achieve the correct and opaque colors on dark objects, a layer of white is usually printed first.)



Some solvent inkjet printers can be switched to handle edible inks (usually water-based inks). However, if one machine is to be used for edible and non-edible products, a very thorough cleaning of all ink delivery components is required.

UV inks adhere to a wider range of substrates than solvent inks. Some UV inkjets have special inks for flexible products.

For improved adhesion, many substrates will require pre-heating and/or heat-curing of the print.

UV LED light is cool - it enables printing on substrates that are heat-sensitive.


Solvent inks enable smaller spot size, which may be important when printing gradients and images of faces.



Because of smaller dot size, solvent inks don't leave a raised feel on the substrate. This is good for such products as guitar picks.

Embossed print effect