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Comparison between UV digital and silkscreen printing

Q: Does digital printing fade faster than silkscreen

A:The digital printing inks used are as resistant to UV light as are those of silkscreen. Both color systems work with pigments and achieve a value of 7-8 on the Blue Wool Scale. The durability of the two inks is thus comparable. Inkjet ink will not fade or bleach faster than silkscreen ink.

Q: Can the UV flatbed printer print special text fonts and type?

A: Even at point sizes of less than 6 pt (1.5 mm) the digital printer can still print details like serifs which in silkscreen and good quality can only be achieved with great effort. A variety of fonts are available. Special fonts can be obtained on request. The costs of this will be passed to the customer. A point size of only 5 pt is possible with silkscreen printing. The smaller the number, the better is the print quality.

Q: Is UV flatbed printer as resistant to temperature as silkscreen printing?

A:Digital printing is equally resistant to temperature as silkscreen.

Q: Is digital printing more expensive than silk screen?

A: No. Where more than one color is used, digital printing is better value than silkscreen, since all colors are applied in a single pass.

Q: What are the advantages of digital printing?

A: Digital printing makes it possible to print multiple colors in a single pass. This makes it possible to print e.g. color customer logos onto front panels. Compared to silkscreen printing, multicolor digital printing is more cost-effective.