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Choose UV flatbed printer via picture

UV flatbed printer is very popular in all of the industries, especially for industry which has a high requirement of wide color gamut. When choose a UV flatbed printer, firstly we need to check is the print quality. That’s not a very easy thing, some pictures maybe cover the printers’ disadvantages.

Today, what we need to learn is how to choose a high quality UV flatbed printer according to the printed picture quality.

1.High precision

Picture’s four corners , borders and divided region requires very precise, can’t appear ghosting and dark marks. Can have blooming problem.

2.No misting

Blank part of the screen need to keep clean, no stains, ink dots.

3. No pass down

Color should keep uniform, No shades and lines.

 4. No lines

If there are some lines on the pictures, then means printhead status is not good, some nozzles maybe clogged.

5.Clear picture

 Picture should be clear, no blooming.

6.Color requirement

 The printed picture should be same with original picture, at least 90% percent.

If the print quality can meets the 6 requirements upside, then means print effect is ok. On the other hand, means ink quality is good.

High print quality is our unswerving persuit.-Shenzhen Dacen Digital Technology Co.Ltd