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Technical process of 3D floor

Printing ----Alignment----  Baking

1. Printing-This step need special glass printing UV flatbed printer

Print pictures directly on Glass with UV flatbed printer, you can choose to print white or not. I want to suggest you no need to print white color. The film will be used as base color, then we can just print CMYK+LC+LM. With RICOH GEN5, only need 3 print heads, speed can reach 26sqm per hour.

2. Alignment-Make ceramic and printed glass, hotmelts align together like a sandwich.

Ceramic is in the bottom, then hot melts, and glass is on the upside. Align them very well, then put them in the baking paint machine.

3. Baking-Baking means give a high temperature about 120, melt the hot melts. Then the ceramic and glass can fit together.

Now Shenzhen DACEN Digital Technology Co.Ltd can provide you anything you want. Like 3mm thickness glass, high quality hot melts, ceramic, baking paint machine. And most importantly, the glass UV flatbed printer with high print resolution. Can equipped with TOSHIBA CE4W, RICOH GEN5, ESPSON DX5 print head.