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Don't suggest use UV flatbed printer print varnish or clear coating

Varnish is a special treatment process after printing, which can make products achieve special highlight effect. There are three main role Varnish:

1. Extend the life of goods;

2. Prevent pictures fade;

3. Provide a protective layer to protect goods, make pictures water-proof, scratch-proof. Make bright picture holding 10-15 years.

Most of the UV flatbed printers can print varnish now. And when you ask some manufacturers if they can print varnish on ceramic, they always said yes. But DACEN suggest you don’t use UV flatbed printer print varnish on whole of products, especially with Epson print head. Main reasons as below:

1. Shorten the life of nozzles, or even damage nozzles. This is because the varnish particles larger than ink molecule, using a backdrop printer to spray varnish, then it is easy to plug the nozzle and shorten the life of the nozzle 1/3. Print head will be broken because of wrong operation in a few days.  

2.The cost is high. As we know UV ink price is high than other ink, like sublimation ink. Different printheads need different UV ink. Like UV ink used on Epson DX5, can’t be use on RICOH. Varnish printed by UV flatbed printer, price is at least 50USD per liter. But varnish spray by hand is only 20USD per liter.

3. Slow speed. If print varnish on UV flatbed printer, then speed is slower than hand spray.

But if you need to use it print spot varnish, make embossed print effect, then we can only use UV flatbed printer, coz you need to choose the place where need to print varnish, and machine can’t finish it itself, need computer do it.