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more >>Why Prices Vary Widely Between Seemingly Identical UV Flatbed Printers?


1.The circulation links is different The UV printer market is very big, which mixed up with good and bad quality products, manufacturer with large scale and small scale, some also have their own brands, besides OEM dealers is abound, so it is self-evident that the price is different.2.The pricing strategy is different In order to face up the big challenge in the market, many customers may be baited by a gimmick from some suppliers who may offer some inferior products the price of which is attractive but the quality is really questionable.

more >>2018 China (Nanjing) Sliding Doors Fair


The Fifth of 2018 China (Nanjing) Sliding Doors and Windows With Customized Furniture FairAny order on the exhibition will have the chance to get millions valued gifts Exhibition Time: May 9 - May 11

more >>Why Dacen's UV Flatbed Printers Can Help You Make Money


As apopular industry in recent years, the UV printer has become the first choice for most self-employed entrepreneurs. According to many customers' feedback, since the purchase of the printers, orders have been increasing greatly day by day. Let's unravel the secret together. Firstly, UV printer has got great recognition in the home decoration industry, especially on ceramic tile background wall, art glass, integrated panel printing etc. Dacen's UV Flatbed Printersuse special imported ink, which is light relative to the traditional ink, fast drying speed, high production efficiency, anti-wear resistance. All the advantages can bring you a high resolution, high quality pictures. Secondly, according to the authoritative statistics, UV printers will be a lucrative market

more >>The Best Moments Review of Dacen's Series Exhibitions In Spring


With the passing of the Spring Festival, all the Dacen’s staff have been working together to prepare for the upcoming series of exhibitions,which not only enriched our lives of the Spring season even though it was busy, but also let us gained much.

more >>Shanghai APPP Expo 2018


Shanghai APPP Expo will be held on March 3-6 2018 ,it is an annual banquet of advertisement industry and there will be many industries that relate to the ad industry