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more >>Why we should chosse wood printer?


Wood printer,now is going to replace the traditional technology,because of its advantages as below: 1.Reduce the time cost:with UV lamp,it will be dry at once,no need to wait. 2.Protect the environment:wood printing machine adopt environmental ink,which will cause less demage to the environment. 3.Customized products:the wooden art can be printed in bulk quantity,the wood prints wood printer create are either printed in full sheets for large quantity runs of the same artwork or in small batches for custom art

more >>Acrylic printer applications


Acrylic printer are widely used in advertising industry.Convenient operation,high resolution,and lower cost,the advantage is obvious.

more >>phone case printer


Now nearly everyone has a phone to make him or her connect with the world,with a unique phone case makes them characteristic.Phone case printer makes it possiblePhone .

more >>Wood printer


Wood printer,with Toshiba print head,is mainly for industrial use.Nowadays more and more factories choose wood printer instead of old technology because of its highly cost performance and the easy operation.Also,it can also print customized pictures according to customer's requirement.

more >>glass printer


     Glass printer , printing effect is not fade, scratch-resistant, waterproof, environmental protection, printing effect is clear, beautiful and easy to operate, directly to the computer data output to a universal printer - a key press, direct printing, the maximum print thickness can reach 30 cm thick.     At present, many home furnishing material suppliers have chosen to use glass printers to print on glass windows. Glass printers have strong adaptability and can print designs on glass plates to meet the diversification of the current market. Home renovation needs, create new miles for personal decoration.